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550 Biltmore Way

550 Biltmore Way 550 Biltmore

Coral Gables,

When the seven roof areas of the building began to leak, Building Diagnostics Associates was retained to provide a survey of the roofs to determine how long they were likely to last and to provide scheduling for the replacements and a budget for the reroofing of each section. We determined that the three upper roofs needed only minor repairs to extend their service life an additional five years. Because the building is multiple levels, uplift calculations were performed for each roof level and the roof system designed for the appropriate loading.

We then provided construction documents and bidding assistance to the Owner to assure that the contractors were all bidding on the same materials and installation methods. The low bid was within the budget set during the roof survey for the two roofs chosen to be reroofed this year. The additional benefit is that the Owner now has confirmed prices for the remaining roof areas and needs only to adjust the numbers for inflation to set their reroofing budget for the next five years.

The project is currently under construction.

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