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Broward Center for the Performing Arts

Broward Center for the Performing Arts Broward
Center for

Ft Lauderdale,

Building Diagnostics was originally retained to prepare specifications for repainting the stucco walls on the Performing Arts Center and repair the cracks. Our investigations in to the cause of the cracking discovered that the exterior walls of the building were not built according to the requirements of the contract and did not meet structural code.

While the repairs to the walls are on hold pending resolution of litigation between the Performing Arts Center Authority and the Contractor, we have since provided drawings and specifications for refinishing and rehabilitating the shiplap wood trim, painting the exterior walls and metal, waterproofing and repairing rust stains from ferrous aggregate at the concrete stage houses and sealing cracks and miscellaneous areas of the building.

We are also providing expert witness testimony for the litigation.

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