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General Services:

1. Surveys of Existing Conditions. Our services begin with an evaluation of the existing conditions. We survey the problems to determine their extent, seriousness and probable causes. In our report, we make recommendations for the most suitable remedial work. The survey also can help you plan budgets and best schedule the work to minimize downtime.

2. Construction Documents. From the results of the survey, we prepare detailed construction documents that define the scope of the work to be done to assure that contractors are bidding on the same materials and installation methods. We use the latest in digital technology to make the documents easy for contractors to understand, making bids as accurate as possible. You get the benefit of the lowest price for the work designed specifically to fix your particular problems.

3. Competitive Bidding and Project Administration. We can help you find qualified contractors to do the work and provide competitive bidding services. We review submittals for the materials to be used see if they are in accordance with specified requirements. During construction, we review the completed work and certify the application for payment. Regular progress meetings monitor the construction schedule and provide a forum to resolve problems and situations that can cause delays or conflicts.

4. On-Site Construction Observation. We can also provide on-site Project Representatives to observe the construction. This has many benefits for you. First, the contractor is more conscientious when he knows there is someone watching the construction. Second, if hidden conditions are uncovered, they can be more rapidly handled causing less delay in the project. Third, if unit prices are involved, the contractor and the Project Representative can simultaneously quantify the amounts to provide accurate costs.

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