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General Services:

What Makes Us Different:

You may have heard of other firms that offer services similar to ours. What makes us better?

1. Individual Attention. Since we are a small firm, we offer personal service that no large firm can duplicate. You deal directly with the owner of the firm, not a manager who is here today and gone tomorrow. Since the owner takes a personal interest in insuring the reputation of her firm, the quality of the work doesn't vary.

2. We are Licensed Professionals. With consultants who do not possess the background and education needed to understand all phases of the work not just construction, but theory too you do not get the benefit of all the expertise needed. We offer that theoretical knowledge backed up by years of practical application to achieve a balance that shows in the quality of our work. As licensed professionals we are personally liable for our work and this responsibility is reflected in the quality of the result.

3. One Stop Shopping. Although we are the best in our field, we don't do everything. So, how can we handle the rest of your building problems? We have a set of consultants to provide services in areas that we do not do including environmental, structural, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering and ADA compliance. Each of our consultants has at least ten years experience in his or her field and are recognized leaders of their communities. This way, rather than chasing around with no notion of where to go, you need only one phone call to Building Diagnostics Associates.

4. Architectural and Engineering Services. As Architects, we provide a full set of architectural and engineering services from the initial investigation, through bidding, construction administration and project representative. We keep control of the entire project from beginning to end. This control has meant that, in an industry where 70% of the litigation is from roofing and waterproofing issues, we have never had a single claim against us for any reason in the entire time we have been in business.

5. Specialization. We don't try to be everything to everybody. We aren't roof consultants one day, a testing lab the next and designing four story office buildings the following. This is all we do and we do it well.

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